Please contact us today to learn more about our unique loans and custom coaching services. Home lending pre-qualification sessions are offered at no cost to you. If you don’t qualify now, we will work with you to find the most direct path to home ownership.

Here are some of the coaching and education services we offer.

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness Coaching helps you progress toward healthier finances. Our housing counselors will coach you individually on topics like opening a checking account, improving credit scores, paying off debt, buying a home or saving for retirement. Financial Fitness Coaching will help you achieve your financial goals and move closer to homeownership. Call 208-258-6217 to sign up for this free service.

Home Buyer Education

Are you feeling overwhelmed when thinking about the largest purchase you will ever make? Home Buyer Education is a class designed to teach potential homeowners how to buy a home. Local industry professionals teach an in-person class that covers topics like understanding home equity, preparing for homeownership, shopping for a home, obtaining a mortgage, and more. Call 208-258-6225 for more information or join a class.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

“Foreclosure” is a word no homeowner wants to hear. Foreclosure Prevention is a free service offered specifically for homeowners in the foreclosure process or homeowners on the verge of missing mortgage payments. Our certified coaches act as a mediator between you and the mortgage lender to help avoid foreclosure. Call 208-258-6224 for help.